5 04, 2020

Four tips for keeping your spirits up while sheltering in place!


With shelter in place, most of us are spending more time indoors than ever, doing our part to ‘flatten the curve’.  In addition to the social isolation, and the anxiety, staying indoors further disconnects us from the biorhythms which regulate our mood, sleep and overall well-being.  We [...]

Four tips for keeping your spirits up while sheltering in place!2020-04-05T18:07:38+00:00
23 02, 2020
  • Light Flicker examples

light flicker and your health – most artificial sources of light have flicker!


Flicker is common characteristic of most artificial (man-made) light sources, and another way that artificial light is different than natural light (which has no flicker). Flicker is due to the way light sources are powered and depends upon the type of ‘lamp’ as well as the electronics [...]

light flicker and your health – most artificial sources of light have flicker!2020-04-02T13:50:38+00:00
21 01, 2019

The Benefits of Natural Light Therapy


Natural Light versus bogus 'full spectrum' and 'daylight spectrum' products! Natural light pouring in through a sun-filled window is very different from the light provided by conventional Light Therapy products.  Despite claims of ‘daylight spectrum’ or ‘full spectrum’ conventional light therapy products deliver an unnatural, artificial version of [...]

The Benefits of Natural Light Therapy2019-01-21T16:20:41+00:00
15 12, 2018

Philips Somneo review


The Philips Somneo lamp is the coolest alarm clock we’ve tested, allowing you to wake up with a simulated sunrise (sound is optional).  While the alarm clock function works well, we were surprised to discover that the Somneo does not provide the natural lighting queues our bodies crave.  [...]

Philips Somneo review2018-12-17T14:35:08+00:00
4 11, 2018

top four healthy lighting habits for the winter


The end of daylight savings signals the start to the darkest time of year.  With the return of standard time, many of us will be leaving work after sunset and in some cases arriving before sunrise.  And yet, our bodies depend upon exposure to bright natural light during [...]

top four healthy lighting habits for the winter2018-11-13T13:39:55+00:00
5 08, 2018

The right light for sleep!


For those of us who struggle with sleep, lying awake at night is one of our darkest times.  My mind races: why can’t I sleep, how will I function tomorrow … making an already miserable experience worse.   Physicians and care providers recommend changing your circumstances when you can’t [...]

The right light for sleep!2018-08-18T20:03:54+00:00
23 06, 2018

Green light eases migraine photophobia


The majority of migraine sufferers experience pain and discomfort when exposed to light during an attack, which doctors refer to as migraine photophobia.  Studies show that fluorescent lights, LEDs, computer screens and even sunlight, can increase both the intensity and spread of headache pain.  During a migraine attack, [...]

Green light eases migraine photophobia2018-06-23T16:26:23+00:00
22 04, 2018

Light and Serotonin = happiness


It’s no accident that we feel better on a bright sunny day = exposure to sunlight is correlated to our Serotonin levels [Lancet Article]!   Increasing our exposure to sunlight (and/or bright light) during the day is a natural drug-free way to increase our serotonin levels, and improve our [...]

Light and Serotonin = happiness2018-04-22T20:17:44+00:00
22 02, 2018

Is blue light good or bad?


Awareness of the health impacts of blue light is growing, but as a quick Google search shows there is still a lot of confusion.  To cut to the chase = exposure to blue light during the day is GOOD while exposure to blue light at night is BAD.  [...]

Is blue light good or bad?2018-02-23T17:33:20+00:00
20 01, 2018

comparing the Philips Hue to natural light


Philips deserves a lot of credit for their Philips Hue = educating the world that light is about more than on/off/dim.  While the Philips Hue is the leading color-changing ‘smart bulb’, it is optimized for entertainment and not for delivering the benefits of natural light.  The Hue is [...]

comparing the Philips Hue to natural light2018-01-20T16:34:20+00:00
Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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