delivering the wellness and aesthetic benefits of natural light
enhance health, productivity, mood, sleep … and design


full spectrum dynamic lighting to enhance your life
light the moment, the season and your space


perfect natural light at every time of day or night
color the day and light your life

Delivering Sunshine

our mission:

We look, feel and sleep our best with natural light, but unfortunately not every space is blessed with a sun-filled window.  We now spend ~80% of our time indoors, and artificial light falls woefully short of providing the cues we depend on to feel our best (see our science page for details).  Recent advances in technology have made it possible to bring the benefits of natural light back indoors.  Sunlight Inside was founded to make beautiful, healthy natural light available and easy to use!

our offer:

The science linking light and health is established, and the technology to recreate natural light is now available … so why are we still living and working with ugly, unhealthy artificial light?

❶ cost – the light/LED mixing technology which recreates natural light is priced at a premium
> we offer world’s highest quality light source, and simplest control interface, at a modest margin

❷ complexity – today’s solutions aren’t user friendly, with multiple steps for install and control
> we deliver natural light right out of the box – no setup or installation required!

❸ confusion – scientists are arguing over the details of how light triggers different human responses
> our light is the closest to natural light of any light you can buy = beautiful & healthy!

how we’re different:

 At Sunlight Inside we’re focused on ‘doing business differently’.  We design, build, and sell sustainable, long-lasting lighting products, which are hand-made in northern California.   Our lives are already filled with too many cheap disposable electronic products.  Sunlight Inside’s products are built to last 20 years (without the need ever replace a bulb), and are made of wood, metal and glass – we deliberately minimize the use of plastics.  We source our wood from a sustainable forestry in the Midwest and finish it with the world’s finest VoC free products from AFM Safe Coat.  At Sunlight Inside we are pioneering the concept of ‘boutique manufacturing’ – instead of mass-manufacturing in Asia we hand build each lamp to order right here in North California, and source our electronics locally – for us there’s no ‘extra’ inventory or long/distributed supply chains.  This does mean you have to wait a few days to receive your lamp, but we think doing business differently is worth it – we hope you do to!

what we do:

Sunlight Inside’s natural light products transform your home, office and business — just plug in one of our Sunlight Lamps and brighten your life with extra natural light!   Our Sunlight Lamps are built with the world’s finest tunable light source which actively mixes together all the colors of the rainbow for beautiful and healthy light — nothing comes closer to recreating the cycles of natural light.  Our custom lamp controllers contain an internal clock programmed with the time of day, time of year and your location — allowing them to automatically deliver the daily and seasonal changes in sunlight.  Enjoy natural light right out of the box, there is no set-up or App required — our Sunlight Lamps are preset to your address before shipment, so just plug it in and turn it on!  If you want more control than mother nature provides, you can download an App and pair our Sunlight Lamps directly with your favorite iOS device (no Apps available for Android today).  Don’t settle for artificial light, get light the way nature intended!

Find out how Sunlight Inside can help you experience the benefits of natural light.

Meet the Team

Konrad Jarausch
Konrad Jarausch scientist, engineer and clean-tech investor
Founder of Sunlight Inside dedicated to bringing the benefits of natural light back into people’s lives. Konrad grew-up with one foot in Europe, is the father of 2 lovely and lively children, and is lucky to be married to a Melissa who encourages all of us to ‘go for it’. Konrad is known for sharing intense outdoor experiences with unsuspecting friends and acquaintances. With a focus on clean-tech investing over the last 8 years, Konrad is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Capricorn Investment Group, a leading venture investor in energy alternatives and sustainability. Konrad is passionate about the intersection of science, technology and humanity.
Melissa Ober
Melissa Ober educator, entrepreneur
As Sunlight Inside’s controller Melissa helps make sure the business runs smoothly, from purchasing to customer fulfillment. Melissa leverages her experience running her own business as a learning specialist. Melissa is passionate about self-exploration and living consciously while nurturing her family and community. Involved with Sunlight Inside since inception, Melissa is dedicated to helping Konrad and the team bring the benefits of natural light back indoors.
Jason Seifert
Jason Seifertengineering, operations, entrepreneur
Jason helps with hardware/software development and provides strategic business advice. Jason enjoys spending time with his family on his mini-farm (llama, goats, chickens, cats, dog), and recovers in the mountains and on the water when possible. Jason is currently the VP of Engineering at Lumenetix, responsible for building their technical team and keeping product developments on track. Jason started his career serving as a qualified Reactor Officer for the US Navy. Jason brings his entrepreneurial experience and deep engineering expertise along with a passion to unlock the potential of human centric light.
Andrea Cohen
Andrea Cohengeneral counsel
Andrea handles Sunlight Inside’s general corporate law matters, curated contract structuring, compliance, operations and strategy. Andrea recently escaped the bay area madness and moved to the mountains of North Carolina with her wife and their ancient standard poodle. Andrea works with many entrepreneurial companies, as well as investors and investment funds. In her spare time, Andrea advocates for social and environmental justice, while also taking breaks to spend time enjoying the mountains.
Justin Lemmon
Justin Lemmonreal-estate, investor, entrepreneur
Justin brings real-estate investment and go-to-market expertise to Sunlight Inside. Justin has built, acquired, or managed over $1Bn in commercial real estate since 2006 with an emphasis on integrating energy and material technologies. Justin lives in LA with his family and hard charging wife and life partner (Gayle Tzemach Lemmon). Among other adventures, Justin served in Iraq as part of the Private Sector Deployment Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Justin adds a unique perspective on what it takes to bring value-add solutions to the built environment.


Doug Herst
Doug Herstlighting industry luminary and entrepreneur
Founder and executive chairman of Lumenetix ( the leading architectural-grade LED light engine company. Forty year pioneer of indirect lighting systems for schools and offices with over 70 patents in the field of illumination. Doug spent the first half of his life teaching people that lights are in upside-down, and is now spending the second half of his life explaining that light should change color. Doug built Peerless into a leader in linear lighting solutions, and then led several of Acuity’s most profitable brands. Doug is a patron of the arts, avid outdoorsman and an active member of Seacology, an environmental NGO. Doug brings passion, vision and wisdom to everything he touches.
John Picard
John Picardarchitect, designer, entrepreneur, and futurist
Founder and CEO of John Picard & Associates ( John is relentless focused on charting a course toward environmentally responsible business practices by working with business giants and new entrants, designers and developers. John was a key consultant in the Greening of the White House under President Clinton, and a founding member of US Green Building Council (recipient of a 2016 USGBC Leadership award). As inspiring in person as in action, John generously shares his boundless passion with those working to change the world. John brings an integrated approach to design and wellness through the principles of Natural Systems Designs, while deftly navigating the ever shifting issues of energy, technology and sustainability.
Antje Paiz
Antje Paiz architect, designer and entrepreneur
Founder of Raumfabrik Architecture + Interiors ( a boutique firm that specializes in smaller scale design focused projects. Antje works with discerning clients who expect more than just functionalism and who value good design at every scale. Antje grew up in Germany, is an active member of the bay area arts and lives in Oakland with her family. Antje believes that good design exists independent of style, and approaches projects with a process of discovery, collaboration and exploration.
John Ciecholewski
John Ciecholewskidigital product manager, engineer and entrepreneur
Founder and CEO of Sunn ( The Sunn App features a user friendly interface and an astronomical clock which synchs LED light sources (Philips Hue and Sunlight Inside) with the rhythm of the changing sun. John’s passion is leading agile software development teams to build simple, meaningful and beautiful product experiences. Fun fact: John met his wonderful wife on the soccer field in high school, it just so happens she was the coach’s daughter. In addition to his lovely bride, John is blessed to be a citizen of Germany, Poland and the USA.
Matt Weaver
Matt Weaverscientist, engineer, entrepreneur
CTO and co-founder of Lumenetix ( Responsible for envisioning and architecting next generation light sources to improve the quality of light and the human experience. Matt is passionate about finding elegant root-cause solutions to difficult problems. Matt formerly held the Guinness World Record for the World’s Fastest Human Being on a Human-Propelled Vehicle. Matt now lives with his triplet daughters in a lovely house at the foot of the Nisene Marks forest in Aptos.

Board Members

Jim Kingman
Jim KingmanFounder and CEO of Lumenetix
Founder and CEO of Lumenetix ( the leading architectural-grade LED light engine company. Lumenetix provides Color Tunable solutions to lighting manufacturers for use in Hospitality, Offices, Education, Retail Residential and Public Spaces. Previously CEO of InnerStep a boutique contract manufacturing platform for launching venture backed companies. Jim is the proud father of two soccer stars and is himself an avid mid-fielder. Jim brings a wealth of experience in technology, marketing and operations.
Jed Dorsheimer
Jed DorsheimerVice President, Commercial Office at Acuity Brands
Vice President, Commercial Office at Acuity Brands, North America’s leading lighting, controls and daylight manufacturer. Jed recently joined Acuity Brands to lead the Commercial Office vertical after spending 16 plus years on Wall Street with Canaccord Genuity, a middle market Investment Bank with sector expertise in LED and SSL. Jed is passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him. Jed is brings deep lighting and LED industry, market and supply chain experiences and relationships.