Sunlight Lamp for Health
the perfect light at every time of day

beautiful light = actively mixing 6 colors for a naturally balanced spectrum
healthy light = sunlight during the day, then sunset, and candle light at night

the light from a mySun lamp automatically changes with the time of day

mySun is the first desk lamp to deliver healthy natural light

the light from a Bottled Sunshine lamp automatically changes with the time of day

Bottled Sunshine is the first table lamp to deliver healthy natural light

light impacts our energy, mood, metabolism and sleep

Sunlight Inside’s lamps deliver balanced natural light for better health

  • world’s first sunlight lamp to deliver beautiful, healthy natural light
  • patented 6 color mixing technology and algorithms to recreate natural light
  • automatically delivers the cycles of natural light to support circadian rhythms
    (helps regulate daily hormones by providing the daily cycles of natural light)
  • perfect daylight: sunlight lamp to naturally boost energy and lift mood
  • perfect nightlight: sunset to relax naturally, then candlelight to improve sleep
  • beautiful hand-made lamps, built to last, using glass, metal and wood
  • lamps arrive set to user location, date & time – no smartphone or setup!