Sunlight Lamp for Health
the perfect light at every time of day

beautiful light = actively mixing 6 colors for a naturally balanced spectrum
healthy light = sunlight during the day, then sunset, and candle light at night

the light from a mySun lamp automatically changes with the time of day

mySun is the first desk lamp to deliver healthy natural light

the light from a Bottled Sunshine lamp automatically changes with the time of day

Bottled Sunshine is the first table lamp to deliver healthy natural light

light impacts our energy, mood, metabolism and sleep

Sunlight Inside’s lamps deliver balanced natural light for better health

  • world’s first sunlight lamp to deliver beautiful, healthy natural light
  • patented 6 color mixing technology and algorithms to recreate natural light
  • automatically delivers the cycles of natural light to support circadian rhythms
    (helps regulate daily hormones by providing the daily cycles of natural light)
  • perfect daylight: sunlight lamp to naturally boost energy and lift mood
  • perfect nightlight: sunset to relax naturally, then candlelight to improve sleep
  • beautiful hand-made lamps, built to last, using glass, metal and wood
  • lamps arrive set to user location, date & time – no smartphone or setup!

LED Light Engine mixes all the colors of the rainbow to recreate natural light

New LED light engine technology and custom algorithms actively mix six colors to create beautiful and healthy natural light.  A Sunlight Lamp mixes all of the colors of the rainbow to create beautiful balanced spectrum light – just like natural light. Sunlight Inside’s patented technology changes the ratio and intensity of colors with the time of day to create healthy light – automatically cycling from sunrise to daylight to sunset, and then candle light – just like natural light.  Sunlight Inside’s Sunlight Lamps are the ONLY lamps on the market with active 6 color LED mixing technology capable of delivering an accurate reproduction of natural light.  Don’t settle for artificial light – experience light the way nature intended!

comparing the light spectrum of natural light to artificial light sources

ONLY Sunlight Lamps provide a naturally balanced spectrum, which automatically changes with the time of day – just like natural light! 

Fluorescents make us look and feel green, while LED lamps make us look blue and keep us awake at night!

Sunlight Inside fills your space with beautiful and healthy natural light.  Experience the ONLY Sunlight Lamp which provides the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light – automatically cycling from bright ‘awake and alert’ daylight to a soft ‘relax and sleep’ night light.  Experience the perfect light at every time of day!

the intensity and color of natural light change with the time of daySunlight lamps automatically change color and intensity with the time of day

  • Sunlight lamp helps synchronize our daily hormones and circadian rhythms
  • Sunlight lamp supports our energy, mood, metabolism, sleep and general wellness!

the spectrum of LED, fluorescent and incandescent lights does not change with the time of dayartificial light does NOT change color and intensity with the time of day

  • artificial light cannot support our daily hormones and circadian rhythms
  • artificial light interferes with our energy, mood, metabolism, and sleep!

Natural Light = Healthy Light

Natural light is beautiful & dynamic
(natural light is our master clock)

Our eyes sense the intensity and color of light

  • bright cool light signals it’s time to be awake and alert
    (daytime = bright light with high blue content)
  • soft warm light signals it’s time to relax and sleep
    (nighttime = soft light with NO blue content)

Natural light contains all the colors of the rainbow 

  • easy to see fine details and colors with natural light
  • we look our best with a natural balance of colors

Artificial lights are ugly and static
(artificial light disrupts our bio-rhythms)

Artificial light doesn’t change color or intensity

  • insufficient daylight  – NO ‘awake and alert’ signal
  • too much blue at night – NO ‘relax and sleep’ signal
  • a broken clock can’t support our bio-rhythms
    (artificial light interferes with our circadian rhythms!)

Artificial light doesn’t contain a natural balance of colors

  • difficult to see fine details and colors 
  • we look green under fluorescents & blue under LEDs
comparing natural light spectrum and sunlight inside

ONLY Sunlight Inside delivers beautiful & dynamic light

the light spectrum from LEDs, Fluorescents and Incandescents does not change with the time of day

Artificial lights can only deliver one distorted version of light

experience light the way nature intended

Maintaining healthy bio-rhythms requires exposure to BOTH bright light during the day AND the absence of blue light at night!    Blue sky during the day energizes us by signaling our ‘awake and alert’ hormones (Cortisol), while the absence of blue sky at night signals our ‘relax and sleep’ hormones (Melatonin).  Artificial light does NOT provide the cues we depend on to look, see and feel our best.  Artificial light does not provide enough light during the day to signal ‘awake and alert’ and delivers too much blue light at night which interferes with our ‘relax and sleep’ cycle.  Studies show we now spend >80% of our time indoors, stuck in ‘lighting purgatory’ = never getting the lighting cues our bodies require to maintain healthy circadian rhythms.  Sunlight Inside’s natural sunlight lamps are designed to deliver the perfect daylight, providing sunlight to boost your energy, and lift your mood during the day.  Sunlight Inside’s natural light lamps then provide the perfect night light, by transitioning through a beautiful and relaxing sunset to candle light to help you relax and sleep easier.  Natural light is fundamentally different than artificial light – don’t settle for artificial light – experience light the way nature intended!

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This lamp automatically adjusts its brightness and color to mimic the rising and setting sun and support circadian rhythm and mood.

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Whether your kids place it next to their bedside or on their desk, Bottled Sunshine will make each night studying a breeze!

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The key feature with Bottled Sunshine Therapy specifically is that it can automatically cycle to different lighting depending on the time of the day. The afternoon settles down with a warmer level of light. And nighttime? Imagine the light of 150 candles.

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The perfect light for your desk, office or anywhere you need some focused natural light. Boost your energy, mood and concentration with sunlight during the day. Bright beautifully balanced natural light to improve your vision – see text, fine details and true colors at their best.

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We are programmed to respond to the daily and seasonal variations of natural light. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough natural light during the day and get too much artificial light at night.

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Produces perfectly customized night lighting to naturally unwind and improve rest.

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Ever since COVID-19 has reared its ugly head, I’ve been spending far more time inside than I ever could have imagined … I credit my Sunlight Inside Bottled Sunshine Lamp for brightening my home with sunshine, no matter the weather or the state of current events.

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With more and more studies showing that light affects everything from our health to mood to the way we digest food and how we sleep, a hand-crafted and sustainably designed light from Sunlight Inside is a unique option for the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

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This lamp mimics natural light for the benefits of daylight — even on the gloomiest of winter eves. Choose from multiple settings to create wakefulness or to wind down for a restful night of sleep.

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Most of the windows in my New York City apartment don’t actually let in light, and instead face brick walls. But with my lamp, even those interior windows offered natural-feeling light, and I noticed a difference. It is ideal for anyone who lives or works in interior spaces like me.

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Chase away the winter blues with Sunlight Inside lamps. These hand-crafted and sustainably designed lights help syncrhonize our circadian rhythms, which regulate our energy levels, performance, metabolism and recovery.

a better life

  • SUNRISE to brighten your morning

  • SUNLIGHT to feel awake and energized

  • SUNSET to relax in the late afternoon

  • CANDLELIGHT to unwind and connect

  • FIRELIGHT to sleep and recover at night

bottled sunshine
perfect natural light 

a better light

  • NATURAL sunlight, candle & fire light

  • QUALITY full spectrum light

  • DYNAMIC color and dimmable

  • CUSTOMIZABLE color gamut

  • EFFICIENT and long lasting

perfect natural light

a better experience

  • SIMPLE with NO set-up – automatically experience the benefits of natural light

  • BEAUTIFUL perfect full spectrum natural light at every time of day

  • ROBUST build with glass, metal, wood and more than 20 years of life

  • SUSTAINABLE manufacturing in the US using reclaimed materials

  • COMMITTED to community and business as forces for positive change

Help us give the gift of natural light!

for every twenty lamps we sell, we donate one to Hospice
please help us brighten someone’s final days with natural light

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