What our customers have to say

inviting and comforting… energizing… easier to relax and fall asleep… feel calmer and less stressful… I wish I could have them all over my house… read the changes bottled sunshine has brought to so many people’s lives.

“We have a Bottled Sunshine lamp in our bedroom. When I am getting ready to go to bed, the warm evening light is so inviting and comforting.  And in the morning, I love how energizing the natural morning light is – makes me feel ready to go tackle the day (even before coffee!)”
– Krista B. in Albany CA

“We have been using the lamp extensively for two months and we LOVE it. Our house gets plenty of natural sunlight during the day so mostly we use the lamp at night to set the tone for our infant daughter (and ourselves). The soft, amber glow is beautiful and really helps as a cue for our household to start winding down once the sun sets. It’s basically the only light we use after 9pm to make sure our baby isn’t getting mixed messages during late night or early morning feedings.”
– Todd J. in Charleston South Carolina

“One or two nights each week I have late evening conference calls with China-based coworkers and using bottled sunshine has made all the difference.  Instead of feeling ‘wired’, bottled sunshine casts a soft candle-light glow making it easier to relax and fall asleep after my calls end.”
– Hamlin M. in Minneapolis Minnesota

“I have SAD and for a number of years I have used blue light therapy from August when the sky is a different shade of blue to approximately Feb or March when the sky is the right shade of blue.  Bottled Sunshine helps with my feeling of depression.  Recently I worked in my office for a longer period of time than usual and I noticed how good I felt.  I can only speak for myself but I actually feel calmer and less stressful when I am bathed in ‘the light’. Bottled Sunshine is now in my box of tricks to help with my depression.”
– Margaret I., retiree in Pennsylvania

I’m very picky about lighting because I get migraines when exposed to lights that flicker, even very subtly. I also have delayed sleep phase syndrome, and my sleep/wake pattern is easily thrown off by evening lighting that isn’t warm enough.  This light doesn’t trigger migraines or throw off my sleep/wake pattern.  Changing my lighting has led to me getting the best sleep in years.
Bottled Sunshine is remarkably like actual bottled sunshine!  My favorite things about this lamp are: it doesn’t flicker at all, ever.  The nighttime color is sublimely warm and cosy. It color shifts with no effort from me. The light it gives is flattering to my home and the people in it. It creates great ambiance and visibility.  The quality of the light is superior to any of the many LED bulbs we have tried, including all of the high end bulbs.  I wish I could have them all over my house in every room. Maybe someday I will.”
– Catherine S., San Francisco CA

“The Bottled Sunshine lamp is at home in our combination kitchen/family room.  It is on an alcove by the windows.  I live in a foggy, cool area with mostly cool weather and marine layers in the morning and sometimes all day.  Having the warmth of the lamp changes the entire feeling of the kitchen.  I learned early on from my mother the power of lighting in a room.  I never use overhead lights (at home or at the office).  Lighting is the most important stylistic element when it comes to interior design.  Any room looks better with high quality lighting.  Overhead lighting provides a harsh glare.  A lamp like this turn a room into a cozy retreat.”
– bottled sunshine fan, in Monterey CA

“I live in Michigan which has long winter with grey sky on most days. Bottled Sunshine sits at the center of our kitchen island and lets us forget the outside.  Its changing light from warm to cool gets my kids active and going out the door in the morning and then the shift from cool to warm calms them down as we finish dinner and get ready for bed. It is really setting the rhythm of our house.”
– Sonali V. in Ann Arbor Michigan

I’m 28 years old. I live in mountain area. I work for the regional government in forestry department. I often play tennis or climb mountain in weekend.  Because of daily stress , it is difficult for me to fall asleep. But I don’t want to use medicine to fall asleep. So I use Bottled Sunshine. 3 hours before going bed , I use Bottled Sunshine.  Thanks to Bottled Sunshine , I can sleep easier.  If I forget to turn off Bottled Sunshine before sleep, it does not disturb my sleep. Bottled Sunshine gives me good sleep.”
Shinya K. – Japan

“Nowadays we are assaulted everywhere by poor lighting, including LEDs and CLFs that are subtly flickering, and almost always jarringly different than the natural light spectrum that our bodies expect.  Bottled sunshine solves both of those problems.  We’re used to lighting that will disrupt our sleep schedules, and might lead to headaches and fatigue. Bottled Sunshine solves both of these problems and I smile every time I walk into the room.”
– Arshad T., San Francisco CA

“I love the warm evening glow – particularly on a cold and dark Norwegian winter evening.”
– John T. in Oslo Norway

“My family has been lucky enough to have a prototype light in our home and we LOVE it. Even though our house is bathed in natural light during the day, we enjoy our Bottled Sunshine on the dark winter mornings when it shines with a dawn-like light and helps us get our day rolling. When evening falls so early the house feels so cozy with our lamp switched on. We feel like we have candles burning or something. It is a warm cozy light that makes us feel calm and happy.”
– Jillian B. in El Cerrito CA.

“We’ve placed Bottled Sunshine on both sides of our bedside table, and we love the soft/warm evening light.”
– Uli K. in Mainz Germany

Bottled Sunshine is easy on the eyes in both the looks department and in it’s soft sunset glow in the evening. For many years I’ve experimented with lighting that mimics the natural light cycle, but with little luck. Sunlight Inside cracked the code. It’s a great addition to my bedside table. After I bought it, my wife got jealous, so I ordered a second one!”
– Josh M. in Fairfax California

“We are enjoying our bottled sunshine lamp since its purchase. It is on most of the time in a windowless room which keeps us connected with the outside. I particularly like that it’s functional right out of the box and doesn’t need an app or a phone to make is shine.”
– Steve P. in Saratoga CA