bottled sunshineHumans, plants and animals have evolved with sunlight.  Daily and seasonal changes in the intensity and color of natural light impact how we see the world as well as how we feel, work and rest.  Many of us have come to appreciate this intuitively, and the science linking health and light is now well-established.  Unfortunately much of the artificial lighting around us neglects the health and aesthetic impacts of light.  Sunlight Inside was founded to bring the health and aesthetic benefits of natural light back indoors!

For the last 100+ years artificial lighting has focused on ‘the absence of darkness’ without considering the health impacts of light.

Unlike natural light, artificial light does not change color or intensity with the time of day and therefore disrupts the biorhythms we depend on to look, feel and sleep our best.  The relentless pursuit of energy efficiency and low cost has left us with ugly, unhealthy lighting.  Florescents and LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are efficient but generally sacrifice light quality and neglect the health impacts of light.  Studies show we now spend ~80% of our time indoors, with too little light during the day to feel awake and alert, and too much light at night to sleep and recover.

Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, it is now possible to recreate the cycles of natural light.  By actively mixing together light from different color LEDs (with a new class of dynamic LED light engines) the same light source can be ‘tuned’ to recreate bright stimulating daylight, naturally relaxing sunset, and soothing candle light.  These intelligent light engines can provide beautiful natural light optimized to support the biorhythms of plants, animals and humans.   The science linking light to health and aesthetics is established and the technology is now available – the age of Human Centric Lighting is at hand!

Leading architects, lighting designers and healthcare professionals are now adopting Human Centric Lighting to deliver the health and aesthetic benefits of light in high-end offices, schools, hospitals and homes around the world.  Unfortunately those of us without ready access to lighting professionals and high-end contractors are left out in the cold.  Sunlight Inside was founded to make the benefits of natural light accessible to everyone, with lamps which deliver the cycles of natural light right out of the box – just plug them in (no set-up or construction required)!   Our lamps use cutting-edge tunable LED light engines to deliver light which is the closest to natural light of any product in the world.  Our custom controllers are pre-programmed with the time of day, time of year, and your location = delivering the cycles of natural light automatically.  Bring the benefits of natural light back into your home or office with a lamp made by Sunlight Inside.

In order to deliver the benefits of natural light we’ve turned convention on its head.  Our products are designed to deliver the beauty and health benefits of the light from the lamp, instead of focusing on how the lamp looks when it’s off (no offense to Artemide).   Instead of hiding the light behind a shade our products highlight the beauty of natural light.  Our products are designed to enhance existing spaces (no construction/install required) and do not require using an App or connecting to complex lighting controls systems.  We offer lamps, pendants, and retrofit luminaires which are easy to install and use.  We source, develop and deploy products and systems with a focus on quality, simplicity and sustainability.  All of our products are designed and manufactured in the US and we use reclaimed materials wherever possible.  Our objective is simple = we make it easy to experience the wellness and aesthetic benefits natural light in your space!

Sunlight Inside delivers natural and custom light by offering best in class products and services — brighten your home or office with perfect natural light!   Contact us to find out how you can transform your space room-by-room.  We offer lamps, pendants, accent lights and retrofit downlights as well as custom solutions upon request.  Our solutions are so simple to install and easy to use that we offer these products and services directly to you.  Our team is ready to help you experience the benefits of natural light, feel free to contact us with any questions.  Please help us create a world filled with healthy, beautiful natural light!