4 06, 2017

natural light versus artificial light


Natural light is full spectrum and dynamic.  Full spectrum means that light contains all the colors of the rainbow.  Dynamic means that the intensity and mix of colors changes with the time of day.   Natural light cycles from bright with a high blue content during the day, to [...]

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2 06, 2017

what’s special about natural light


Natural light is both full spectrum (contains all the colors of the rainbow) and dynamic (changes with the time of day as well as time of year and place on earth).   The earth's atmosphere filters the light from the Sun, which is why the light we see [...]

what’s special about natural light2017-06-03T14:19:49+00:00
26 05, 2017

introduction to light and health


Our bodies depend upon daily cycles of light and dark to regulate our energy, mood, sleep, metabolism, immune system, hormones and a host of biological processes.  To put it simply: light is our master clock (Zeitgeber) and exposure to natural light is a cornerstone of our health and [...]

introduction to light and health2017-06-03T14:18:14+00:00
Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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