• The perfect light for your bedside table, or anywhere you need some extra natural light!   Sleep easier, feel better and enjoy the benefits of perfect natural light at every time of day (and night).  Brighten your space, and boost your energy and mood with sunlight during the day.  Fill your evenings with beautiful and naturally relaxing sunset.  Blue-free candle light at night to support your sleep and recovery (equivalent to 100 candles).   Actively mixing six colors to create the world's most beautiful light.  Bottled Sunshine is the first table lamp to deliver the benefits of natural light!
  • Perfect natural light, day or night, for children & parents!  Support sleep consolidation, mood and healthy bio-rhythms for infants, children, and their care givers with natural light.  Baby Bottled Sunshine delivers the natural cues we all depend on to know night from day.  Plenty of candle light for nighttime feedings and diaper changes without disrupting the baby or the caregiver’s sleep (equivalent to 80 candles).  Sunlight during the day to signal it’s that it is time to be awake and alert.   Baby Bottled Sunshine actively mixes six colors to provide beautiful, healthy natural light at every time of day and night!
  • Take the benefits of natural light with you anywhere in the world!  Overcome jetlag and adjust to your new time zone with light that matches your destination – perfect for long trips.  OR stay synced to your home-zone when muscling through a short trip.  Traveling Sunshine comes with a power adapter and plugs that work anywhere in the world - all in a rugged and beautiful 9x5x3” travel bag.  Traveling Sunshine lamp allows you to select the natural light cycle you need to feel your best - harness the power of natural light to support your biorhythms!
  • Therapy Light = 50% more light output >>  Experience light therapy with beautiful perfectly balanced natural light!   Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers the benefits of natural light to support your mood, energy and sleep.  Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers >5,000 lux with 50% more light than our standard Bottled Sunshine lamp.  Unlike other light therapy products, Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers powerful light therapy with beautiful natural light which automatically changes color and intensity with the time of day.  Experience bright energizing sunlight during the day, sunset in the evening and candle light at night -- just like natural light!   Regular exposure to the the daily cycles of natural light is critical for synchronizing our circadian rhythms, mood, energy, metabolism and sleep.  Because the light from Bottled Sunshine Therapy changes with the time of day, it can be used like an every day lamp, and is safe to use at any time of day or night.  Experience the benefits of extra bright, beautiful sunlight during the day, and enjoy relaxing sunsets and candle light at night.
  • Replacement glass shade for our bottled sunshine and bottled sunshine Therapy lamps.  Easy to replace = only two screws!
Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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