Replacement shade for bottled sunshine™


Available on backorder

Replacement glass shade for our bottled sunshine and bottled sunshine Therapy lamps.  Easy to replace = only two screws!

Available on backorder

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bottled sunshine and bottled sunshine Therapy glass replacement shade

Glass shades are fragile and can break on occasion, fortunately the glass shade is inexpensive and easy to install — just loosen (and then tighten) two screws!    Clean up the mess, order an new shade and you’re favorite source of natural light will be back online in a jiffy.

installing a replacement glass shade on a bottled sunshine lamp is quick and easy!


– our baby bottled sunshine lamps use smaller plastic shades
– our mySun and mySun Therapy glass shades much more difficult to break, but please contact us if you need a replacement!


Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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