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Therapy Light = 50% more light output >> 

Experience light therapy with beautiful perfectly balanced natural light!   Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers the benefits of natural light to support your mood, energy and sleep.  Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers >5,000 lux with 50% more light than our standard Bottled Sunshine lamp.  Unlike other light therapy products, Bottled Sunshine Therapy delivers powerful light therapy with beautiful natural light which automatically changes color and intensity with the time of day.  Experience bright energizing sunlight during the day, sunset in the evening and candle light at night — just like natural light!   Regular exposure to the the daily cycles of natural light is critical for synchronizing our circadian rhythms, mood, energy, metabolism and sleep.  Because the light from Bottled Sunshine Therapy changes with the time of day, it can be used like an every day lamp, and is safe to use at any time of day or night.  Experience the benefits of extra bright, beautiful sunlight during the day, and enjoy relaxing sunsets and candle light at night.

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bottled sunshine Therapy = light therapy day and night!

experience light the way nature intended

  • bright energizing sunlight during the day (>5000 lux)
  • relax naturally with sunset in the evening
  • candle light at night for optimal sleep



get the benefits of natural light

  • keep close for 1-2 hours each morning to support mood & energy
    biologically optimized for light therapy by providing extra sunlight during the day
    delivers a strong dose of sunlight during the day — equivalent to a 100W bulb (1500 lumens)
  • safe to use at any time of day or night – use it like a regular lamp!
    biologically optimized to match natural light at every time of day – always safe to use!
    automatically cycles from sunlight during the day to sunset in the evening, and then candle-light at night
  • see details and colors at their finest with beautiful perfectly balanced natural light
    actively mixing six colors to replicate the full range of natural light
    natural balance of blue and red light during the day
  • relax and prepare for sleep naturally with sunset and candle light in the evenings
    biologically optimized for relaxation and recovery in the evenings, and safe to use at night
    fills your space with beautiful sunset and then candle light in the evening


bottled sunshine Therapy description

  • first therapy lamp to replicate natural light (actively mixing six colors for beautiful & healthy natural light)
  • automatically delivers the cycles of natural light (built-in clock/date/location control)
  • NO set-up or installation — arrives preset to your address (change location/timezone with the push of a button)
  • delivers >5,000 lux = bright as a 100W bulb during the day (1500 lumens)
  • plenty of light to read & work by at night (equivalent to the light of 150 candles)
  • Bluetooth enabled if you want more control than mother nature provides (iOS only)
  • base available in oak (light wood) or walnut (dark wood)
  • dimensions = 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide (cylinder)
  • energy efficient – draws 24W of power while as bright as a 100W bulb
  • hand-made in California – sustainable materials and practices
  • built to last 10-20 years using glass, metal and wood with (almost) no plastic




oak (light wood), walnut (dark wood)


-App (w/o Bluetooth), +App (w/ Bluetooth)

How it works!

delivering natural light therapy around the world

The light from bottled sunshine Therapy is based on recordings of natural light from around the world.  We replicate natural light from close to the equator, delivering extra sunlight to the north (and south)!    Support your energy, mood and sleep, and enjoy longer days in the winter.  Brighten your space with beautiful light all year around.  Bottled sunshine delivers:

  • light from Baja to Oregon, Washington, Alaska …
  • Caribbean light to New England
  • light from the Mediterranean to Europe
  • Indonesian light to Australia and Japan!


bottled sunshine Therapy is powered by the world’s finest light source

Natural light is a blend of all the colors of the rainbow.  To recreate the beauty of natural light we actively blend the light of six different color LEDs.   We deliver the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light by varying the ratio of these colors with the time of day and time of year (more blue during the day, more red/orange in the evening).   Our light sources include ‘closed loop’ technology which actively compensates for changes in temperature and the aging of the components to always deliver perfect perfect natural light.   These light sources are rated at >50,000 hours of operating life, so you’ll never have to replace a ‘bulb’.


bottled sunshine Therapy automatically delivers daily & seasonal cycles of natural light

Our custom controller contains a real-time clock which is preset to your time, date and location.  Our proprietary algorithms use this information to automatically deliver perfect natural light at every time of day or night.  You control the intensity with a dimmer, and our controller does the rest – just turn on the lamp and enjoy the beautiful, healthy natural light!

Optional: you can customize your light to match your preferred schedule with the touch of a button.  Just press and hold the grey recessed button for 10 seconds at 6pm to reset the natural light cycle.  If you prefer an early-bird schedule, press the button at 5pm (or earlier).  If you’re a night-owl, press the button at 7pm (or later).  If you move to a new time zone, press the button to adjust your lamp to your new location.



bottled sunshine Therapy technical details:

  • unmatched light quality: actively mixing six colors — the closest you can buy to real natural light
    90+ CRI and lifetime color consistency of better than 2 Macadam ellipses
  • unparalleled dynamic range from firelight (1650K) to northern sky daylight at (8000K)
  • perfect dimming with a manual dimmer (dim from 100-1% while maintaining consistent color)
  • 5x more efficient than incandescent bulb (draws 18-24W of power while brighter than a 75W bulb)
  • rated at 10-20 years of life (50,000 hours), no need to ever change a ‘bulb’ again!
  • Bluetooth enabled for App based control with iOS devices (Android App not available)
    • use the Sunn App to track sunlight and natural light anywhere in the world
    • use the Lumenetix commissioning App to discover your perfect light
  • powered by a 24V power supply (included)
  • hand assembled in California, made almost entirely from US made parts
  • built to last using glass, metal and wood with (almost) no plastic!
  • Sunlight Inside sources sustainable and reclaimed materials


Trim Options

choose the lamp base which best matches your aesthetic

We offer a choice of two different lamp base finishes to match your aesthetic. Walnut (dark wood) matches classic and antique furniture.  Oak (light wood) matches modern and Scandinavian furniture.  Our wood trim sourced from a sustainable forestry in Michigan.   We finish the wood with no-VoC AFM Safecoat finishes.  We build bottled sunshine Therapy to order, choose the fit and finish which best matches your space!

Choose the lamp base which best fits you aesthetic!

Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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