• mySun

    The perfect light for your desk, office or anywhere you need some focused natural light!   Boost your energy, mood and concentration with sunlight during the day.  Work safely at night with sunset and candle light (without disrupting your recovery and sleep).   Bright beautifully balanced natural light to improve your vision - see text, fine details and true colors at their best.  mySun is the first desk lamp to actively mix 6 colors to automatically deliver the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light.  mySun is ideal for windowless offices, cubicles or anywhere you don’t get enough natural light!
  • mySun Therapy

    Therapy Light = 50% more light output >>  Experience bright light therapy at your desk with beautiful perfectly balanced natural light!   mySun Therapy delivers the benefits of natural light to support your mood, energy and sleep.  mySun Therapy delivers >10,000 lux with 50% more light than our standard mySun lamp.  Unlike other light therapy products, mySun Therapy delivers powerful light therapy with beautiful natural light which automatically changes color and intensity with the time of day.  Bring bright energizing sunlight to your desk during the day, experience sunset in the evening and work safely with candle light at night.   Regular exposure to the the daily cycles of natural light is critical for synchronizing our circadian rhythms, mood, energy, metabolism and sleep.  Because the light from mySun Therapy changes with the time of day, it can be used like an every desk day lamp, and is safe to use at any time of day or night.  mySun Therapy brings the benefits of natural light therapy to desks, offices or anywhere you need focused light!
  • Stand-alone base for mySun and mySun Therapy desk lamps.   Our mySun lamps come standard with a clamp, and you can order a stand-alone base with your lamp.  Choose this option ONLY if you want a stand-alone base (or an extra base) for a mySun lamp you already have!
Update: We are here, we are shipping = bring extra natural light into your home during these difficult times.
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