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Give the gift of natural light!

ON SALE NOW via Indiegogo and Real Goods – more purchase options coming soon!


light the way nature intended

a better life

  • SUNRISE to brighten your morning

  • SUNLIGHT to feel awake and energized

  • SUNSET to relax in the late afternoon

  • CANDLELIGHT to unwind and connect

  • FIRELIGHT to sleep and recover at night

bottled sunshine – the perfect light at every time of day

a better light

  • NATURAL sunlight, candle & fire light

  • QUALITY full spectrum light

  • DYNAMIC color and dimmable

  • CUSTOMIZABLE color gamut

  • EFFICIENT and long lasting

bottled sunshine – fill your life with natural light

a better experience

  • SIMPLE with NO set-up – automatically experience the benefits of natural light

  • BEAUTIFUL perfect full spectrum natural light at every time of day

  • ROBUST build with glass, metal, wood and more than 20 years of life

  • SUSTAINABLE manufacturing in the US using reclaimed materials

  • COMMITTED to community and business as forces for positive change

Help us give the gift of natural light!

for every twenty lamps we sell, we donate one to Hospice
please help us brighten someone’s final days with natural light

To place your order, please visit our Indiegogo campaign!